Clothed with Grace: Lake Okoboji

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lake Okoboji

Yesterday we got back from our annual family vacation.  This is the third year we've done it, and it was the best one yet!  We went to Lake Okoboji, which is a popular summer destination in the Midwest. My mom rented a house on a resort where their was also a big indoor swimming area (think Great Wolf Lodge) and an outdoor pool too.

We went a couple of different times and it was great!  I got Hannah this floaty at Target and it is the best! Grandma got the turtle at Sam's Club and it was a big hit too!

Hannah was definitely a fan of the water too and really enjoyed slashing around! My suit is this Merona Tankini with a basic bikini bottom. Shopping for suits is kind of the worst in my opinion, but I'm pretty happy with this one!

We also went miniature golfing and it was fun! I didn't think about a stroller and a million steps, though, so I ended up wearing her the whole time and playing better one handed than I ever have with both hands!

This was at the end of the game, golf is evidently exhausting!

I also realized after the fact that I needed to stretch the straps of this out over my shoulders, oops. I really haven't been in a situation where I've needed to wear Hannah much, so I'm still trying to get it figured out.

Also, my sister has the best selfie-taking skills. For real.

Grant got a hole-in-one and when I asked him to pose, this is what I got.... #boyvsminigolf

The guys went out fishing one day and we girls (and Grant) went to the local amusement park. It wasn't big, but perfect for a little kid. Plus, I didn't have to pay to go in if I didn't want to ride the rides, which was cool!

This picture was right at the end, about two seconds before she crashed while I was holding her. She really faired well on the trip! I know I was a lot more nervous about going and doing anything when Grant was little, especially when it was going to interfere with nap time, but I have tried to be more go with the flow with Hannah and she'd handled it just fine. : )

There was also a boat museum close by and Grant loved this! "It must be from a pirate ship!"

We also had a nice time back at the house. There were time most everyone else was gone and it was just Hannah and I, and even that was a break because I didn't need to cook, do laundry, etc. Hannah and my sister had a great time too! Chelsea is the best aunt, not only to Hannah but to Grant too!

Here's a picture of Brian with one of the fish he caught!

Chelsea got out her selfie stick, and it's fun to have a picture of all of us together!

And a family picture too. : )

Overall it was a great time! I'm so thankful for the family I have!


  1. It's funny that living in Iowa all my life I've never been there! Looks like fun!

  2. I live about an hour from there, so we frequent often just for the day or evening. Glad you enjoyed it!