Clothed with Grace: Grantisms

Thursday, June 9, 2016


On any given day Grant says about 10 things that crack me up. Today I thought I'd share some recent ones and also link up with the Picture Perfect Project as well.  I have such a habit of using my phone to take every picture, so it's nice to pull out my nice camera and capture some great shots of Grant.

"Whoa Mom, I slept in today! It's 7:12!" (He usually get's up at 7:00...)

In regards to Hannah, me: "She's pretty cute, do you think we should keep her?" Grant absentmindedly answered, "Sure." Then moments later totally flabbergasted says, "Mom, of course we should keep her, she's part of our family!"

"Cool guys wear tall socks."

"I had the best dream last night mom! Iron Man, Captain America and I had to fight a bad guy so we could eat cake. You should try to have that same dream tonight, it was awesome!"

"I'm going to go get dressed, since all I have on is my underwear and my watch and that's weird."

"I can't believe the school year is over. It felt like it took one day!"

In regards to his long-time girlfriend, Kinley: "When we're married if she's sick I'll take care of her. If she has to go to the hospital I will take her. Of course, we have to go to prom first..."

This kid cracks me up!


  1. Oh he's so funny! Henry loves to rock the tall socks sometimes, too!


  2. So cute! I would have to agree...a watch and underwear only is pretty weird! His heart is so pure! I just love it.

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  3. This blog post was such a treat!!

    How precious are the words of your little guy. :-)

    I LIKE the way he thinks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to fighting for cake! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a funny guy! Never a dull moment in your house I suspect ;) Thanks for linking up with us!