Clothed with Grace: Summer Trends

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Trends

I feel like I'm a lot less trending than I used to be. I tend to be drawn to more classic pieces. However, I quickly jumped on the lace-up flat trend this year, the reemergence of flare jeans being cool, and am now jumping on board with rompers....only two years after they made their reappearance in mainstream fashion.

I just recently got this romper from SheIn.  I decided this was a good way to give one a try after thinking this was a trend I would be skipping. Well, what do you know? I adore it.  The quality and fit of this is comparable to ones I've seen at Target. It does have spaghetti straps, though, so I'll always wear it with a layer like a cardigan or denim jacket.  It is actually really easy to take on and off too, since it's spaghetti straps.  I am wearing a cami underneath because it was a little low in the front for my liking, but does have adjustable straps, which is nice. If you'e looking to give the romper trend a try, this is a great one to start with, for reference I'm wearing a medium. *update, this shrunk like crazy and now it's off to Goodwill. : (

As for the other trend that is big right now: off the shoulder tops....I am not a fan. I've seen them all over blogland,  but not on a person in real life yet. I just can't get on board with having to wear a strapless bra and I keep thinking I'd have to readjust the shirt All Day Long. What do you think?

Jacket: The Limited
Romper: SheIn c/o same
Necklace: Lia Sophia similar
Earrings: Nickel and Suede 
Wedges: Target DV same


  1. You look adorable! I love it. I have an "off the shoulder top" right now but it really just I think it's considered a cold shoulder. I am still able to wear a regular bra, but the sleeves hang just right. Here is what it looks like because I am doing a pretty poor job of explaining. (it's not an affiliate link or anything). Anyways, I feel trendy in it, but not inconvenienced or worry things are going to fall out :)

    Cold Shoulder Top

    Outfits & Other Bits

    1. I've been seeing these on blog land too, it's definitely a good option if you want the trend on an easier level!

  2. So many of the SheIn rompers look too short, but this one isn't! Love the style too!

  3. So cute! I have my first romper arriving any day!

  4. Cute! I've avoided rompers because I'm thinking going to the bathroom would be a hassle.

  5. The romper looks cute on you. I haven't tried an off the shoulder top yet but I like the look.

  6. I don't feel comfortable with strapless either. Love your romper! I wish I could get with longer inseam for me. Love your fashion ideas! You are my first blog and now I'm addicted��

  7. Very cute romper! It looks great with the denim jacket. I am not on board with rompers or off the shoulder! Haha! I'm too long waisted for rompers and end up with unflattering front wedgie. And I agree wabout strapless bras and adjusting the shoulders all day with off the shoulder tops!


  8. You look A-mazing!! Unlike you, I cannot rock a romper but give me strapless or off the shoulder and day of the week. I really have to look at She-In more. I have heard that the quality isn't that great and the sizing is inconsistent yet you seem to have found some really cute stuff.