Clothed with Grace: Real Love

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Real Love

I mentioned to you all a few weeks back that I was inspired by this video to make sure that I was making each student that enters my class feel welcomed and loved.  In the past, I think my classroom has been a positive place, but I think I've failed to connect with all my students and make them feel like they individually matter. I've been really working to change that this year and I do feel like the community being built in my classroom is authentic and that kids are feeling valued. So, success right?

Here's a bit of a problem that I'm now working to face head on: I've been selfish with my ambition to make students feel included. What I mean by that is, I've now realized that yes, I want them to feel included and loved, BUT I also want them to like me and being in my classroom. I now realize I wasn't choosing to build community in my classroom simply out of the goodness of my heart, I wanted it to come back and benefit me too.

Even though I want to say I've grown out of a desire to be accepted and loved by others, I'm being faced with the reality that isn't entirely true. I picked up Lysa TerKeurst's new book Uninvited without putting too much thought into it. I like Lysa, there is a lot of buzz around the book, I thought I'd read it. (An online Bible study for the book has just started here, which I'm super excited about).  I wasn't at all prepared for what I would learn about myself when I starting reading Univited though.

One of the things she says explicitly right towards the beginning of the book is "We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive." I find myself unintentionally doing, saying, and buying things in hopes it will satisfy my desired to be loved. Reality: I already am full, completely, perfectly loved by God. That is what I need to reflect on and focus on, and it's through that realization that I can then go out and show pure, honest love to others. Not because I want love in return, but because my actions should reflect the God who wholly loves me!

Colossians 5:12 says, " Therefore, as God's chosen people, hold and dearly loved, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." I'm working to meditate on this verse daily and show it to all I meet. If you haven't picked up Lysa's book I would totally recommend it. I can not put into words how powerful it is! I'm planning to share more with you in future post too.

I told you all last week, I planned to show a lot of closet that are no longer available in stores, but I did actually find the one thing that was on my wish list for fall last week at Loft. I've been trying to replace my worn out burgundy cardigan for quit sometime, but haven't found a good replacement. Then I found this cardigan and couldn't pass it up. I love the length and think I'll get a lot of use out of it. I did size down though as it is pretty roomy. 

Cardigan: Loft  similar 
Top: Merona similar
Pants: Loft same
Necklace: Target similar
Earrings: Nickel & Suede same
Heels: Merona similar


  1. Thank you for making me aware of this author and book. I am buying it as soon as I get home and plan on doing the bible study too. I just started a new plan on She Reads Truth- this one is a study on Hosea- and on the first day they talk about being distracted by false loves. So timely! Can't wait to dig in. Nice outfit too, by the way. I am going to add that sweater to my Shop Style alerts so I can pick it up on sale soon. Thanks Ginny!

    1. You'll have to tell me what you think, I'm loving it!

  2. I got this book based on your reccomendation it is really good! I think we all do, say, and buy things to feel love because of running through life at a breakneck pace. We do want to feel loved by the peers we have around us. After reading this book I do believe I should keep in mind that I am already full.

    1. Yay! You'll have to tell me what you think once you've read it!

  3. I love this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what you are learning about God and yourself. We all are rushing through life and we forget that life really is all about Him. We wouldn't even have life except that He breathed it into us. We wouldn't know love, except that He authored it. We wouldn't know forgiveness except that He gave it to us through His son. Love the dark purple of your sweater and top. Very cute outfit. Thanks again for posting. - Amy