Clothed with Grace: 38 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, December 3, 2015

38 Week Bumpdate

Weeks along: 38 weeks 

Size of the baby: 6.8 lbs and 19 1/2 inches

Must haves: I still haven't really had cravings, I am drinking a ton of water, though.

Sleep: I'm actually sleeping pretty well!

Baby Movement: Hannah is all over the place, I don't remember Grant moving like this, but it was five years ago...

Gender: It's a girl!

Name: Hannah Elizabeth

Weight Gain: 22 pounds

Challenges: I think being patient is the hardest part, we are so ready for her to be here!  

 Best moment of the week: Grant picked up a Christmas present for Hannah, her first dolly.  It was really sweet.  When I told him that he'd probably have to help her open her presents, he said he'd let her try on her own first, then help if she needed it.  That kid is a hoot!


  1. Almost there and looking great!

  2. Bless him--sounds like he's going to be the best big brother!

  3. Ahh so close! I love that Grant thinks she can open her own gifts!

  4. What a sweet little brother he will be!

  5. Amazing post dear! Have a nice weekend:)

  6. Gahhhh you are so close to the end!! I can't wait to see a picture of this sweet little thing!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries