Clothed with Grace: What Alice Forgot

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What Alice Forgot

It's not often I read a book that I say "You just have to read this!" However, What Alice Forgot is one of those books.  I'm a huge Fan of Laine Moriarty, and her reading never disappoints! 

At the beginning of this book we are introduced to Alice right after she has fallen at hit her head at the gym.  She comes to only to find out that she is not 29-but 39 and she's forgotten the last decade of her life. Although she first thinks of her husband, Nick, she quickly learns that they are getting a divorce.  In her last memory she is 14 weeks pregnant-now she has three kids she doesn't remember at all.  

I'm sure you've all heard the saying, "We're like wine, we get better with age," but what if that's not the case?  What if the person we've become is not all who we thought we'd be, or are proud to be.  This is Alice's reality.  As she tries to navigate the waters of her "new" life it causes us as readers to think about our own lives, and who we have become.  For Alice, maybe she needed to forgot the last 10 years to remember who she really is?  Moriarty beautifully crafts this page-turner that should definitely be added to the top of your must read list!

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