Clothed with Grace: 8 Things I Won't Miss About Being Pregnant

Monday, December 21, 2015

8 Things I Won't Miss About Being Pregnant

Today is the big day, I'm getting induced and we couldn't be more excited! So, I thought I'd share a post about things I WON'T be missing about pregnancy.  I hope this doesn't scare those of you who aren't moms about of having a child, because trust me, it's worth it. However, here's a list of things I'm excited to say goodbye to:

1.  Taking a bunch of medicine- As someone who rarely gets a headache, I've had to take five different medicines daily for various pregnancy related issues, from acid reflux to nausea.  I am ready to say goodbye to these!

2.  Compression Hose- they are the pits!  Although they really do help with swelling, they are really uncomfortable and it's not like you can wash them every night, so I'm constantly worried I have stinky feet. : (

3. My fake wedding ring- I haven't been able to wear my real ring for months and my fake one from JCP is looking pretty bad.  It'll be nice to have my hands back to normal and to be able to wear my real ring again!

4. Sleeping on my side- I'm a stomach sleeper, so adjusting to side-sleeping is not my favorite thing. I toss and turn a lot, so I'm excited to be able to sleep like I want to again, and hopefully not wake up fifteen times each night- I'll be happy with just once to twice to feed Hannah-trust me, that'll be an improvement!

5. On that note- carpel tunnel. I haven't been able to feel my finger tips for months and it's the worst at night. My hands are literally asleep and tingly all night long. It's kind of the pits.

6. Shoes not fitting- I haven't been able to wear over half my shoes for most of my pregnancy and did buy, get c/o, or with thredUp credits *cough* five pair of boots this fall.  I reeaaaallly hope my feet go back to normal like they did last time or I'm going to have a lot of shoes to replace!

7.  Maternity clothes- bye, bye! Although I really tried to still feel good in what I wore, I really miss my skirts, normal sweaters, tops, and dresses.  I already pulled them back down from our third row above in our closet, and I'm clomping at the bit to wear them again. I know some won't fit for awhile, but I know I'll be able to wear a lot of them.

8. People saying "Haven't you had that baby yet?????" Believe me it's felt like a long time to too, I don't really need the reminder....

I'll share pictures of our sweet girl as soon as I can, probably first on Instagram, so if you're not following, feel free to follow me there. : )


  1. Best of luck today! Can't wait to see her!

  2. Good luck and can't wait to meet her via instagram! I'm very sad that it's boots and leggings season, and I can't get my boots zipped up! I'm also over the sleep struggle--I'm a stomach person too, and for some reason, I also want to keep sleeping on my back, another no-no! I toss and turn because I can't get comfortable, and then I'll wake up in a panic because I realize I've been sleeping on my back!

  3. Prayers for today! I didn't have all of those pregnancy issues, but I can relate to many!


  4. Thinking of you today!!
    I totally identify with this list. I am so glad to be able to wear normal clothes again and sleep in whatever position I please :)

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