Clothed with Grace: How to Wear: A Herringbone Vest

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Wear: A Herringbone Vest

I've had my Herringbone vest for a couple of years and I've worn it like crazy! It's hard to believe this is it's third year of popularity, but JCrew Factory is still selling them like crazy! Today I thought I'd share some inspiration on how to wear this vest from my archives.

Vest: Cold Water Creek similar / Sweater: J.Crew same / shirt: Old Navy similar / jeans: Old Navy / necklace: Target similar / booties: Jessica Simpson similar

vest: Cold Water Creek similar / sweater: J.Crew Factory similar / shirt: Gap similar / jeans: Old navy/ shoes: Vera Wang similar

vest: Cold Water Creek similar / Sweater: J.Crew same / shirt: Gap similar / jeans: Old navy/ shoes: Vera Wang similar

Here are twelve other ways to wear this vest, see the original post here.

If that inspiration isn't enough, here's some more! Sources are down below.


  1. so beautiful vest! i've seen it everywhere but love how you styled it

  2. such cute ideas! I've been admiring this vest for about those 3 years, it might be time to buy one!!


  3. I love the way you layer different patterns under the vest!

  4. My herringbone vest is my favorite- such a closet staple!

  5. A vest like that is so versatile! Love all these looks!

  6. Such a classic look and so's about time I buy one for myself :)

  7. One of my favorite vests, and clearly so versatile!

  8. I FINALLY got one this year, and I love it! I have so many ideas for it, now it just needs to get colder around here!

  9. These are all SO cute! I can't pick a favorite. This is the one vest that I have yet to buy.

    How Gorgeous

  10. Super cute layering, love all of these!

  11. Love this! Vests are one of my favorite things to wear in the winter time.
    Unique Geek