Clothed with Grace: Five Things to do Before Hannah Gets Here:

Monday, December 7, 2015

Five Things to do Before Hannah Gets Here:

I made this list a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to share in a post today.  Our life is really going to be changing soon, so I really wanted to be ready!

1.  Go do one more fun activity with Grant, just the two of us. Grant is so excited for Hannah to get here and I mentioned to him the other day how Grandma will come for a few days once Hannah here to go do fun things with him, so he doesn't get bored being at home.  He replied, that Hannah was going to come along with him and Grandma.  I love how excited he is for his sister, but I know it'll be an adjustment, so I want to do one more special thing with him before she gets here.

Status: Done! Grant and I went and saw The Good Dinosaur and it was sooo good!  We actually planned to see The Peanuts Movie, but they were having technical issues, so we got a free upgrade to The Good Dinosaur in 3D.  This was our first one and it was so cool!

2.  Re-read Secrets of the Baby Whisperer.  This was my favorite baby book with Grant and I learned so much!  It's written from the prospective of a nanny who definitely has a way with kids.  I definitely need a refresher!

Status: Done! I think I'll probably read it again once Hannah gets here, but I think the refresher on nursing, and signals for being tired and hungry will be really helpful right out of the gate!

3.  Get a pedicure. This is my favorite treat!  I know I probably won't be able to splurge on this for awhile, as I'll be nursing and finding the time to get away will probably be difficult, so one more will hopefully get me by for a few months.

Status: Done!  I went and got one with my sister when we were in K.C. and her place is way better than mine.  I've been having issues with the polish not staying on, and this place did a fab job, three weeks later and they still look great!

4. Pack mine and Hannah's hospital bag. Honestly, I've kind of been putting this off. I don't think I'll include everything from this list below, but I think it'll be a good guide to go by.

Status: Hannah is done, I am not.  I think I need to start this week, but there's so much I use everyday and I only have a few pair of pajamas it's hard to pack ahead of time.
5. Have one last date night with Brian. We definitely don't make a habit of this like we should, usually if we go out to eat, Grant just comes along, I know things will definitely change once Hannah is here, so one more time just the two of us will be a very good thing!

Done: Brian and I went out to dinner last night.  I feel like he's kind of gotten the short end of the stick lately, so I'm glad we could spend some time together solo.


  1. Oh, you must be getting SO EXCITED!!

  2. So exciting!!! I think it's great you made effort to have special time with Grant and with your husband. Honestly, people who aren't expecting a child forget to do that, and it's so important to get that quality time with loved ones! Thanks for sharing the packing list, I'm sure I will need it next month! ALSO, thanks for the book recommendation--so far I've only read one book, and I feel extremely underprepared!