Clothed with Grace: After Baby Wishlist

Friday, December 18, 2015

After Baby Wishlist

This week I did what some of you might think is crazy, but I put all my non-maternity clothes back in my closet in preparation for not looking like I'm smuggling a watermelon around with me.  Here are some things I'm loving right now that I look forward to wearing soon:

1: Heels like these ones. I've had so many of my shoes put away for months because they simply don't fit!

2. Skirts like one: I love a good skirt and this one is gorgeous.  I feel like so many of my dressy/polished outfits have been unworn my me for so long, I'm really looking forward to dressing up again and this floral one is gorgeous!

3.  Normal jeans like these: I love a good legging or pointe pant, (which is basically leggings with a seam) but I miss normal jeans....well normal pants in general.

4. Crew neck sweaters like this one: One of my favorite go-to winter looks is a crew neck sweater and a vest, I was pretty excited to put mine back within reach and I adore this snowflake one!

5. Normal dresses like this one. I love dresses and it's been killing me now to wear so many of the ones I have. I love the faux leather pockets on this one too!

Wish List


  1. I really miss my boots--it's the time of year to wear them, but it's already a struggle to get them zipped up over my calves :(

  2. Oh so soon! I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe this winter since I wore maternity all last winter!


  3. Nothing wrong with doing an after the baby shopping list. It is exciting and it will keep you motivated to dress stylish and also loose the weight. I love the skirt and the snowflake sweater so much.

    The best of luck to you tomorrow. Hope both you and the baby have a smooth, safe and healthy birth experience and Merry Christmas!

    Hugs Ada.