Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life Lately

This is a big week, Hannah is due Thursday! Life is about ready to change in a big way, but today I thought I'd give you an update as to what we've been doing the last few weeks.

First off, I am soooo sick of maternity clothes and I can't wait to wear normal clothes again, and shoes, half my shoes haven't been worn in months because I can't get them on. I have been wearing outfits like this one below like crazy.  I adore this cardigan I got from Pink Blush Maternity, it's sold out, but there are a ton of other great options, and the best part, I can wear this once Hannah is here too!

I love looking on Etsy, but I hate paying for shipping, so I had a real hankering for a craft show.  My mom, Grant and I went to one a few weekends ago and I got these adorable burp clothes and this bow. 

Mr. Jingles has also come to our house and although I'm not as creative as I was last year, Grant is loving it!  I try to limit the "things" Mr. Jingles brings, but Grant did just get excited about this Gingerbread house kit.  Note to self, when you plan for your child to find this on a Saturday morning when he wakes up at 7:00 A.M., he wants to make it immediately.  Thank goodness for coffee!

Also, in case you're wondering, we got "special permission" for Grant to be able to touch Mr. Jingles. I don't really understand the no touching rule and Grant really loves his Elf and takes him everywhere.

Later that day Grant and I went to see The Peanuts Movie, but due to technical difficulties we ended up getting a free upgrade to The Good Dinosaur in 3D, it was a real treat and our first 3D movie.

Mr. Jingles and Grant have also "blasted off" into space with the box Grant brought in from the garage after I sent him out to throw something away.  In this picture we are currently orbiting Saturn.

We also got Grant's Kindergarten pictures back and I just can't believe how grown up he looks!

We also went to go see Santa, we have the best one here in town.  Grant knows their are "helpers" because Santa can't be everywhere at once, but he told me he thinks this is the real one. : )  Mr. Jingles needed to come too, of course. 

Like I said above, I'm totally over maternity clothes and itching for normal clothes.  I scored this this tunic on sale from Target.  I got a black one last year and they sold out before I could get more. It's obviously non-maternity, but you've got to love stretchy cotton, I was wore it right away.  And......write after finishing this post I'm going to get another one, as they just went on flash sale again!

This has already been a busy month, and I just can't wait for what our future holds!


  1. Ah, love the updates and can't for one to include your new baby's arrival!! Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby!! I'm due in April and just can't help stalking newborns 😂😂😳😳 I mean virtually sniffing their newborn smell :)

  2. Grant is such a cutie! I know he's going to be an awesome big brother to Hannah!

  3. wow! new baby coming and celebrating the holidays! looks like fun!

  4. Grant does look like such a grown up! I bet you're all so excited to meet Hannah! Any time now:) Glad December is going so well and only more fun to come in the future:)

  5. Oh I love that tunic! I need to check it out, looks like another great after-delivery option as well! Keeping you and the whole family in my prayers this week, and hoping for a safe delivery!

  6. I totally get the being done with maternity clothes thing! Praying for Hannah's safe arrival!