Clothed with Grace: 3 Hours at a Time

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

3 Hours at a Time

For someone who is forward thinking, I've been living life three hours at a time for the past month. Everything seems to revolve around Hannah's eating and sleeping schedule. So many things are going well, but I am leery to leave the house and go do things. Going to church and Bible study are priorities, but Hannah isn't too thrilled to be there once she's tired...I guess that's the side effect of training her to sleep in her crib...not her crib, not wanting to sleep.  

I think we go through different seasons in our lives. Before Hannah got here, I'll have to admit we had it pretty easy.  Grant was getting big enough we could go anywhere and do anything, and he can do a lot independently too.  It was easy to be forward thinking, now it's a new season where I really think I'm supposed to be soaking it all in....the easy and the difficult. Before I know it I'll be back to work and the one-on-one time I have with Hannah will be gone. 

Now believe me when I say some days are much easier than others, and I'm still really trying to work on balancing life as a family of four.  Grant is pretty good at understanding I need to take care of Hannah and feed her, then a short time later put her down for her nap. However, I still feel guilty when I'm going into Hannah's room for the fifth time to put that darn pacifier back in her mouth, because it feel out and she work herself back up, interrupting the time I have with Grant to play whatever it is he's dreamed up. 

I appreciate Brian helping with dinner and errands, but I feel pretty worthless in the evenings with him, when all I want to do is sleep, because I was up with Hannah for two feedings the night before....and the night before...and so on. 

I'm so thankful for my family and feel so blessed to have each one of them, so I'll take living life three hours at a time, because I know before I know it time will begin to fly and I'll forget what this time was like.

I recently got this top from Shein and it's so fun and different than anything else I have.  I did get a medium, and the reviews said it ran big, but was I nervous about getting a small, but I do think sizing down would have been good. I'm so happy to be able to wear my normal shoes and boots again! I love these black ones, but they didn't fit while I was pregnant, so glad to wear them again.

I also adore this bag I scored from thredUP. It's real leather and was only $29, plus I had credits. Use this link for $20 off your first purchase from thredup, you won't be disappointed!

top: Shein c/o same
necklace: Happiness Boutique c/o  same
Leggings: Old Navy same
Booties: Jessica Simpson similar
Bag: Banana Republic similar via thredUP (Use this link for $20 off your first purchase.)


  1. Such a cute top! Love that you can dress it up or down!

  2. I have that top too and it's so fun! I love how you styled it!

  3. I can totally relate--my life revolves around feelings and diaper changes right now! I can't imagine how hard it must be with an older child at home too!

  4. I still feel like almost 9 months in I'm revolving around Calvin's schedule. I know it's just temporary, but it can be tough!

  5. Love the top and that bag is to die for!! I don't even think I wore real clothes at a month out. You look fab!

  6. Do you have any advice on shopping Shein? I've been curious because it can be such a bargain, but being on the curvier end also worried stuff won't fit!

  7. That top is super cute! And I feel you on the schedule thing. Babies really control the roost, don't they? That's why I'm thankful Louis is five now and is a lot easier to be on the go with. :)