Clothed with Grace: Life Now

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Life Now

Here's my first style post since having Hannah about ten days ago. For the next few months I'll probably be showing some pretty casual outfits, as I'll mostly be at home or going out for quick errands.  It's cold out there!

A lot has changed with my body in ten days! Within a week of having Hannah I had lost 30 pounds-8lbs of baby and 22 of water, which puts me 5 pounds smaller than I was before I got pregnant, this happened with Grant too. Insane how much water I was retaining! I attribute it all to nursing and I'm thankful that Hannah is doing well with this and that my body is too. I nursed Grant for about nine months and will plan to do the same with Hannah-up to a year. I've also weirdly lost another five pounds this week and don't have the biggest appetite. Any other moms go through this?

I also had so many weird body ailments while pregnant and it's crazy how quickly they went away.  Bye, bye acid reflux, nausea, and aversions to some of my favorite foods like cereal and coffee. I'm thankful I no longer have to take a half dozen pills each night!  My tingly fingers and issues with my hands falling asleep at night has stopped too.  I'm also sleeping much better, but have super crazy night sweats.  I guess it's normal, but I'm soaking the sheets and my clothes nightly.  I'm hoping my hormones regulate soon and it stops, it's the weirdest thing!

I'm also thankful for my real clothes and to get rid of my maternity clothes.  I've officially landed in the "leggings are pants" camp, which I think is due to the fact that I wore them for the last five months straight while I was pregnant.  As long as my butt is covered, I'm fine with this.  Once I'm back to school I promise I'll wear real pants again, but while staying at home with Hannah I plan to be comfy. I'm also excited my shoes fit again! The ones I'm wearing today haven't fit for my entire pregnancy, so I'm so glad I could pull them on easily!

I've also made it a habit to shower and get ready while Hannah takes her first nap.  Even if we don't leave the house I feel better and at least look like a fairly normal person. I'm really excited to get to spend the next few month with Hannah at home and thankful for maternity leave!

I was excited to receive this sweater from Shein recently.  I adore it and it's under $30. The quality and fit is really great and it'll be perfect for this winter! I decided to go basic and wear a black top and leggings, but I think it'll be great with jeans and boots too. I wore it to church this last Sunday.  I really want to wear my skirts, but man, it's cold outside!

Sweater: Shein c/o same
Top: Target
Leggings: Old Navy same
Necklace: chloe + isabel c/o
Earrings: Nickel and Suede same
Watch: Citizen
Shoes: Vionic c/o same


  1. You look wonderful! I love that cute pink cardigan!

  2. You are looking fabulous! Love that sweater coat!

  3. Love the pop of color on a dreary winter day!

  4. I am just in love with that print! I'm looking forward to my weird ailments stopping soon--I've had terrible allergies since my first trimester, and I'm over it!

  5. I love that sweater. It's crazy how our bodies can change so quickly after having a baby! Yay for showering and getting dressed!


  6. You are awesome! Showered and in a cute outfit?! You're rocking this mother of two thing! You look great and glad to hear that things are going well. Hopefully the night sweats stop soon and things get even more back to normal. I can't stand wearing non-leggings. I feel like my body changed so much after having Everly that wearing jeans puts me in a terrible mood:) Hope you and sweet little Hannah are having a great day!!

  7. You look great! I'm right there with you on the crazy night sweats--I go to bed cold and wake up drenched!

  8. Glad to hear you are doing well Ginny! That cardigan is so pretty, and the perfect length to wear with leggings :)

  9. The first time I got dressed for real after having Vivian though I wore real clothes and stayed stylish, comfort was key. Your coat, earrings and necklace oomph up this look. And like you I lost more weight than pre-baby and was having a hard time with eating, sleeping and adjusting in general. I agree though that you must take a shower as soon as she takes that first nap.

  10. Beautiful sweater and you look fantastic!

  11. This sweater is so pretty! Im loving the neon-y colors!