Clothed with Grace: Mother of Two

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mother of Two

No one tells you that the rest test of motherhood begins with your second child being born, but let me tell you, it totally does!  The last few weeks have been great and crazy at the same time.  Having a Christmas baby isn't something we planned, we just wanted a second child, and we didn't care when she was due.

We did have a lot of activity and craziness around the house during the first week with family in and out.  Hannah was learning how to be human and Grant was learning how to be a big brother.  I'm thankful for family who could love on Grant while Hannah needed my attention, that's for sure. If she had been born while school was still in session it would have given me immediate time one-on-one with her, instead of diving into taking care of two kids right away, just like a stay at home mom with little ones would have to do.

Last week Brian went back to work and I was home with Grant and Hannah alone for a few days.  I talked with Grant about his need to entertain himself while I had to feed Hannah, as well as when I had to put her down for her naps.  Grant really did pretty well, but it has to be a difficult transition for him being an only child for 5 1/2 years before Hannah got here! We have a ranch style home and I think all of us had gotten accustomed to yelling across the house to each other, a habit we really need to break with a sleeping baby. I feel like a spent a lot of time asking Grant to use a quiet voice. I really think I need to be understanding of the fact that he's just five, but sometimes it can take quite a while to get Hannah to sleep and I'm get anxious about her waking up.  I really need to get over this and focus on it being quiet while I'm putting her down, and not worry a ton once she's asleep.

Hannah is on a pretty consistent three (ish) hour feeding schedule and is following the pattern of eat, play, sleep. With so much activity for the first two weeks, I feel like I can finally work on getting to know her one-on-one and begin to "read" her too. It seems like she is much more serious than Grant was as a baby. I'm also working this week to record her daily routine to see if there are certain times each day she's wanting to be awake the longest and when she wants to sleep more quickly too. It seems like if I watch her signs (yawning, stare, etc.) she goes to sleep much more easily than if I miss the signs and she's overstimulated.

Now Grant is back in school, which is great for him to have some structure back and it's given me time to spend with Hannah and tend to her the best I can too. I'm really working to get in extra snuggles with Grant when I can and making sure he know just how very much we love him. Being a mom of more than one kid is no joke, that's for sure.

So, moms of multiple kiddos, share your wisdom with me. How do you #momlikeaboss ?

I am crazy about these sneakers from Vionic! I got to work with them earlier this fall and tried out these booties, so I was excited to try out there new sneakers too.  First off, I love the design and styling of them. They will be perfect for the gym as well as for with casual outfits like this one.  They are also super light-weight and comfortable.  The orthotic technology that goes into all of Vionic's shoes is perfect for being on your feet, like I am as a teachers.  If you haven't checked out Vionic, you totally should!

Sweater: Target similar
Top: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy  same
Necklace: Kendra Scott c/o Rocksbox similar
Shoes: Vionic c/o same


  1. It took me a good 8 weeks to feel like I had anything under control after my second baby came. It was weeks of just keeping everyone alive ;) Eventually I did make it out of the house with both kids! You'll get there. The beginning is so hard, but looking back I hardly remember how painful it was! Congrats on baby two!

  2. I can only imagine how hard it is with 2, 3 or multiple kids. I thought Vivian kept me busy. You are still so stylish and cozy though. The cardigan and your new sneakers are gorgeous. Love the pop of turquoise too. I will try to catch up with you more in the new year Ginny and I hope you do the same. You have been one of my first blogging buddies. I appreciate that. =)

  3. I get super overwhelmed thinking about life with one newborn, so I can't imagine adjusting to that plus still being a mom to a 5 year old! It seems like you are handling it well and are staying positive, which is super important!

  4. I love your cardigan. We had a tougher transition from 1 to 2 than 2 to 3. I think part of it was Henry's age. He was 3.5 when Wes was born, and 3s are a hard age anyway. I try to make individual time for each boy when I can. Henry gets a lot because he's older and can do things when the other two nap. The challenge has been making sure our middle man isn't forgotten. I try to work to make individual time for him. You're doing great!


  5. Love this look! I am obsessed with sneakers. I could live in them if they're really comfy. ;) Being a mother is a hard job and I applaud you for it. You sound like a great one. :)
    Unique Geek

  6. My goodness Ginny you don't even look like you had two kids!! You look amazing! Not a mom but being a nanny for two kids I'm all about schedules!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  7. Even if it is a rest test, I cannot wait to have kids! :)
    Love ur look, u look well rested :D.. and ur necklace is super cute!