Clothed with Grace: 8 Months Old

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8 Months Old

Hannah is officially 8 months old! It seems like a lot has happened since I did her 7 month update. This month has been crazy with back to school and girlfriend had a cold that just wouldn't quit. It was her first, and I know I should be grateful that she went 7 months without getting sick, I still hate it.

Getting Hannah to sit still for a picture this month was pretty much impossible, I gave up after a few minutes, because it's so true to who she is right now. She wanted, me, the camera, and to crawl, she did not want to pose for a picture. ; ) She wants to crawl so badly and keeps getting on all fours...than going backwards. Whomp, whomp.

Hannah is generally a pretty great eater when it comes to cereal and baby food, while she'd gotten a bit finicky when it came to bottle and nursing. She was getting so distracted, so anytime she nursed I had to go to her room. Then she was sick and suddenly she was all about the nursing and literally turning her nose up to baby food. Luckily, she's eating baby food pretty well again, but she was totally stressing me out! There's nothing worse than a sick baby who can't tell you what' bothering them!

Hannah also got her first tooth! Finally! I'm assuming number two isn't that far behind, but she HATES when I try to check out her mouth for more teeth.

She's also starting to cruise a bit, but I wish she knew she needed to learn to crawl first. ; )

Hannah has started babbling and say consonants on repeat, which is super fun. She also thinks it's super hilarious when I say them back to her. I see "mama" and "dada" in her near future.

She has also started to get super excited when I pick her up to daycare. She's reaching for us at home and thinking about waving too.

I know I've said this a million times, but we are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives! I'm excited to see what this next month has in store!


  1. Hannah is THE cutest thing! I have enjoyed watching her grow up. Happy 8 months Hannah!!

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