Clothed with Grace: Use Me

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Use Me

A few years back I was very inspired by a boy's devotion to God as a teenage. He even preached at a local church with the cry of his heart saying, "Here I am Lord, Use Me." This really stuck with me and inspired me. I worked to make this the cry of my heart too.

Then, I got busy with life. Taking care of the kids, keeping the house clean, spending time with my husband, teaching my students, and trying to fit in my devotional time each day....along with about fifty other things. I forgot my heart's cry. Then just this last week I got an email from a lady who told me I had written exactly what she needed to hear. She wasn't even sure how she'd come across the blog post, but it was like it was written to her. I was so humbled.  I had forgotten that God could use me right where I was, and in the busyness of life, just like he can use you too!

I believe God purposely brings people in and out of our lives for a reason, sometimes we are the teachers and sometime we are the ones who are being taught. Maybe it's our kids, our co-workers, that lady behind us in line at Target, or someone reading something we've written on social media, whoever it is, interactions aren't accidental.

God has given me this platform for a reason, and I shouldn't take it lightly, just as He is giving you opportunities each day to impact the people around you too.  It can be easy to second guess our value, but if no one else, we are who God is using to speak to our kids. I was recently having a conversations with Grant about the verse, "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." I told him that before we talk we should think about if what we say will make us feel good, the other person feel good, and God feel good, if not, we shouldn't say it. That right there was God using me, not only to teach my son, but also to remind myself, because I know I need to think about that just as much as Grant does. ; )

I am grateful for that lady's email and for each of you and I want to encourage you today that God can use you right where you are as well.

I picked up this top at Old Navy on clearance lately, it's out of stock but this is Gap's verison and it is super cute too. The Clare cardigan from J.Crew factory remains my favorite, admittedly, it didn't stay on long, as I got to warm, but I wear these like crazy during the school year and have a half-dozen colors. My wedges are also sold out, but I love these on super sale and totally would have bought them if I didn't get these ones first!

Oh, and my necklace is a teething necklace, I got it on and Hannah is a fan. We have the drool and the chewing down, but no teeth yet!

Cardigan: J.Crew Factory same
Top: Old Navy similar
Shorts: Merona similar
Necklace: (teething)


  1. What a wonderful and beautiful testimony. God places us where we need to be and will use us for His will. I'm happy you feel like a beacon and one of God's vessels again. :)

  2. Isn't it encouraging to be told that something you said filled a need in the heart of someone else.We all need to be encouraged in our journey as much as we need to be encouragers.
    And cute cute shoes, btw. :)


  3. What a good reminder! Every encounter can be a ministry. I'm so used to rushing that I'd probably miss the meaningful encounter.
    The outfit is super cute too.
    Stopping by from #GraceandTruth

  4. I love the outfit. You're so right. It's no accident that we're placed where we are and with the people we're around. We shouldn't take that for granted. But you're right that we don't think about that. No such thing as fate.

  5. Love it when someone encourages with a card or email! Lifting each other up is part of being an encourager which I think is the calling of any Christ-follower.

    Cute shoes, by the way!

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