Clothed with Grace: Five Minute Scrapbooking Pages

Monday, August 8, 2016

Five Minute Scrapbooking Pages

Today I thought I'd share some more of my five minute scrapbook pages. I love scrapbooking and plan to spend a few hours each month staying caught up, but that means my pages need to be done pretty quickly! Here are some current(ish) ones I thought I'd share. Maybe they'll give you some inspiration too!

Pick a picture to focus on- This is one of my favorite pictures! Keeping the rest of the page pretty simple helps keep the focus on the image you love.

Image Variation- Often times I snap a few pictures on my phone before picking a favorite. These can make for great scrapbook pages.

Design around the colors in your photos- Everything will seem so much more streamlined of the colors coordinate.

Use texture to your advantage- Ribbon and 3D stickers help keep pages from looking "flat" and boring.

Print square pictures- Shutterfly has them for free when you order from there app, same a 4x6 pictures. You probably already take square pictures for Social Media shares, so print them that way too. Plus, you can fit more images on a page when they are square, hence less pages to create!

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