Clothed with Grace: Baby Essentials with The Baby Cubby

Monday, December 12, 2016

Baby Essentials with The Baby Cubby

Baby Essentials

With both Hannah's birthday and Christmas coming up, I've been on the look out for some unique things to get her, so I was excited when The Baby Cubby contacted me. They gave me a gift card and let me shop for some great things for Hannah!

I loved how unique all the things were! First off I chose this Unicorn stuffed animal. It is so cute and just perfect for snuggling! Grant has given Hannah a few of his old stuffed animals, but this one will be all hers!

I also love these puzzle blocks! I think Grant and Hannah will have fun playing with them together, as well as using them to build.

This crinkle book had me at hello! It is so cute and girly! Hannah really enjoys books and I think she'll really like this one!

I've heard about magnetic blocks, but Grant never had any. I love this set and the case for them. Once again, I think Grant and Hannah will fun with these!

Lastly, I'll admit meal times have been anything but enjoyable at our house. Hannah gets antsy, throws her plate, and thinks she can handle a spoon. It's exhausting! I heard about these mini mats and have been wanting to try them and when I stumbled on these utensils I knew they would be perfect! I'm hoping this helps out with meal times at our house.

Honestly, I could have chosen anything from The Baby Cubby and I would have loved it. Right now you can also get 20% off with code SANTASHELPER20, which is perfect this time of year!

I can't wait for Hannah's birthday and for Christmas, and I know both she and Grant will love these toys!

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