Clothed with Grace: Family Pictures

Friday, December 2, 2016

Family Pictures

Hi everyone! I thought I'd check in with you all. We just got back out family pictures and I love them! They were taken at my parent's house and I definitely took for granted how beautiful it was growing up!

Hannah is almost a year old and is starting to take a few steps. She's so excited about it and we are so proud of her!

Grant is almost half way through first grade now and it's hard for us to believe! He switched teachers for his reading group and has gone up two levels in the last month. We are so proud of him too!

Brian also got a promotion at work, which is super exciting!

I am starting to feel more in a grove at school. The kids have learned so much this year and I'm really enjoying them!

It's basically been a month since I've posted anything and I have totally enjoyed the extra free time and one less thing on my plate to do. However, I do miss this as an outlet for me. I miss the writing and with life being so busy, I rarely get time to myself outside of the house. I didn't realize how much writing posts helped me get a sense of "me time." 

That being said, I am not at all interested in taking outfit pictures at this point, but I might start sharing more life, kids, and faith posts instead. I don't want to commit to a certain number a week, but I really like this space I created, and would like to share when I feel like it. I'm not saying that outfit posts are out all together, but I like not feeling like I have to over think my closet. I'm pretty happy just grabbing clothes in the morning and leaving it at that.

So, here's a look at our pictures, and until next time....


  1. Those cute!! Sounds like you guys are as busy as ever but doing well. Thanks for sharing with us

  2. Awww, these photos are amazing! Love the area you took them in - and your cute, coordinated outfits!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  3. Gorgeous family pics! Hannah is growing like crazy.