Clothed with Grace: Hannah's Birthday

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hannah's Birthday

Today Hannah is one year old! We celebrated her birthday over the weekend, so I thought I'd share on here today.

First, I will admit that I had some serious mom guilt about not having a huge party for her. We ended up having a nice time though and we enjoyed the time with family. 

I thought Hannah would be crazy about the cake, and she totally wasn't. This face says it all...

I saved the decorations from my baby shower and reused them for Hannah's party. I love how it brought everything full circle!

I made Grant's cakes and they were super labor intensive with fondant zoo animals. Brian said he wanted to make butter cream frosting, so I went on the hunt for cake toppers and found these at a local craft store.  I make the "Happy Birthday" banner and "one" banner too.

Honestly, Grant opened most of Hannah's presents, which was fine with her.

Hannah's great aunt brought two balloons. Hannah was excited to say the least!

Hannah's favorite present was this baby stroller. It was an instant hit! 

Here she is smiling at Grandpa while we sing. And.....she still didn't want any cake. Weirdo.

We had a really nice time and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!


  1. Happy birthday Hannah!! Such a sweet party to celebrate a sweet girl!

  2. I love the pink! Such a great idea to reuse the decorations!