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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a look at some of the things going on in my life right now:

We had some more family pictures taken as a group! I love them!

Grant's favorite person is his Aunt Chelsea. This picture makes my heart melt!

We got our first snow, and I'm not very happy about it. I admit it's pretty, but I really do not enjoy the cold, coats, and driving in the nonsense. I guess I should be happy we made it to December before the first one hit!

Brian and Grant went down to his parents' house for the weekend to hunt, so Hannah and I were home by ourselves. It was a really nice relaxing time. 

We went to Loft because I'd bought a this top, which ran big, so I needed to exchange it. I also had Loft cash to use and they were having a sale on sweaters. I ended up getting this leopard print sweater and this sweater in tan for $35 total. I think they'll be great additions to my closet for this winter! Hannah was a pretty good shopping buddy too. ; )

We read Home Before Morning for book club this month and it was so good! I got it on Amazon used for just a few dollars. You should totally get your hands on it! The Vietnam War is a war I didn't know much about and this book really was eye-opening.

 We got new furniture! Our old set was a decade old and had really been worn out for a few years. We got it when for our first house and didn't know what we were doing. The quality was not great (but the price was). This new set is much better quality and comfortable too. It was a much needed purchase!

I have not been super creative with my elf on the shelf responsibilities this year. Although Ms. Jingles did become a ninja with the help of a spare sock. Grant has requested he stays in "costume" for the time being...

I can't beleive that Christmas is just a few weeks away, this year has really flown by!


  1. That Ninja idea for the elf is so cute!

  2. Great post, Ginny. I like seeing the real life that other bloggers are living. Nice pics! - Amy