Clothed with Grace: 2 Months

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2 Months

It is seriously hard to believe that Hannah is two months old. I'm not going to lie, the first month was rough! Trying to adjust to being a mom of two, having Grant home over Christmas break, and trying to figure out Hannah was not easy. It really took awhile to learn what Hannah needed and wanted and for her to figure out what this world is all about too.

Right now Hannah wakes up once at night to eat, I'm really hoping she'll be sleeping through the night soon, because it will be a bit rough to go back to work with her still up at night. I am happy to say that going to sleep and down for naps is something she does pretty well. It was so hard at first, now she seems to be really happy in her crib and will even be awake in their sometimes and I don't know because she's just quietly entertaining herself. I feel like this is such a blessing.

Hannah is eating well too, but if you want to see her ugly cry just see her react to having to burp. She unlatches and starts wailing. Then the second she burps, she's content and starts eating again. Other than when she's tired, this is the pretty much the only time she cries. I didn't know having to burp was so dramatic!

The first time around with Grant I was so set on sticking to a specific time schedule on the clock, now I know I'm more laid back. Depending on the time of day Hannah might take a two hour nap, or just a one hour nap. Getting off schedule made me insane with Grant, with Hannah we just adjust. If it's been less than 2 1/2 house since she's eaten, I'll stick her in the swing until she's hungry. Sometimes she'll even fall back to sleep in there, which Grant never did.

I love seeing the relationship between Grant and Hannah growing too. She is fascinated with him and he recently told her they would be best friends forever. My heart melts.

I feel like Hannah is pretty easy to read too, she's wanting be awake for about an hour at a time and she'll pretty clearly fuss when she's done playing. I often try a change of scenery first, but if she fusses there, it's time for nap.

When she's up she loves laying and kicking her legs on the floor or play mat. She also enjoys sitting in her bouncy and looking out the window. I tend to leave the swing to when she's woken up early, as she gets pretty sleepy in it. I'm loving all the smiles from her too, I don't remember so many from Grant when he was so little. I'll tell you though, this little girl's smile lights ups the room. She also smiles at me when I got to get her from her crib. It's like she's saying, "Oh, hi Mom!"

Hannah starts at daycare next week and I can't believe it. We love the lady in the infant room and I'm hoping she connects with Hannah and can read her quickly. The thought of only seeing Hannah for such a short time each day is kind of the worst. I'm really hoping I can get in quality time with both her and Grant and that we can get adjusted to ur new normal.

People saying having one boy and me girl is the best, I'll say that just having two kiddos is pretty amazing-boy or girl. I can't wait to see Hannah grow and the kids' relationship grow too.


  1. Still can't get over how much Hannah and Grant look like each other! She's adorable :) Happy 2 months!

  2. In August I'll be nannying for two and I can't wait to see Lexi with her brother or sister. Hahaha I'm all about the burping Lexi would make the funniest faces!! She is adorable and yes take those moments while she is playing to yourself!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  3. Can she get any cuter?! I love reading these updates :) Have a lovely day.

    Edye //