Clothed with Grace: Life Lately

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

Here's a look at what's been going on, via some pictures I shared on Instagram!

Hannah has started to really smile, which I love. Sometimes though, I think she's smiling at me, and she's just getting ready to spit up out the side of her mouth....and sometimes it's the real deal and it melts my heart!

I am seriously crazy about this sweater. I saw it first on Kendi, then I hemmed and hawed about it because it was pretty expensive. Then I saw it went on sale and I was all in! I'm pretty sure it'll be on constant repeat until it's too warm to be ridiculous.

I took so many pictures of Grant I really am trying to take at least a few of Hannah a week to scrapbook.  I love this little outfit, so  I tried to get a good pictures, the best I could get was a yawn. Ok, I guess that's pretty cute too...

Like I've mentioned before, I'm at home most of the time, so dressing up only happens when I have to leave the house.  This pullover is seriously my favorite go-to casual top and I'm loving these athletic capris from Gordmans.  Although I haven't actually exercised since Hannah was born, cute workout clothes makes me feel better about that. I think once summer hits we'll make going to the gym part of our routine again. I don't think it'll work until then, especially once I'm back to work and still nursing Hannah.

Like I said, Hannah is starting to smile a lot and this playmat is the best!

I got this little Janie and Jack outfit second hand for $4, a total steal if you've ever shopped there. I have, however, decided that trying to putting a hoodie jacket on Hannah is ridiculous.  When you're dreaming of your child you imagine all these cute outfits, but in reality, I only put a bow on Hannah when we leave the house and what does a baby need with a hoodie?

One of my favorite things about being a mom of two is the love Grant has for Hannah and the fascination Hannah has for Grant. I'm sure there will be plenty of knock-down-drag-outs in there future, but having a sibling is the best!

I'm not one to hold Hannah through a whole nap, but I have been really soaking up the cuddles with her. Sweet girl. : )