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Monday, February 8, 2016

Have I Told You...

Have I told you that my maternity leave is going crazy-fast, it is?

Have I told you that I actually wore this same outfit last year, but didn't blog it?  When it came up on my Timehop I decided to wear it again, and thus not have to think about what I was going to wear that day.

Have I told you I'm amazed at the fact that I've been so content staying home most of the time? Last week we had a few snow days and I saw friends on social media commenting about how they were climbing the walls.  I was very content until about 6:30 when I'd had my fill and left Brian with the kids to run and get Hannah some more pajamas. She's already grown out of a few!

Have I told you that I can't believe how much Hannah looks like Grant? I'm anxious to see how she grows into her face as she gets older.

Have I told you I'm drinking way more coffee than one person possibly should. I can't wait until Hannah is sleeping through the night because I really need to cut back!

Have I told you how hard it is for me to make dinner with both kids?  I don't remember it being so hard with Grant. Hannah always takes a nap from around 5-7 and trying to get her down and make dinner is awful. I'm really anxious about that we'll do once I go back to work. And before you say leaving the crockpot on for the day isn't an option as we're gone too long....

Have I told you I'm more of a perfectionist than I'd like to admit?  I almost trashed these photos because the coloring is so off.  It was still pretty dark when I took them, and when I lightened them they ended up more "drained out" than I'd like. Then I remembered, no one is perfect, this is just an outfit I wore one day, and this is a hobby. So, post, I did!

 This caridgan from Target it one of my favorites and although this buffalo check shirt is old,  this option is just like it and a great price! I ended up getting these shoes on clearance at Target last year, and I'll admit they haven't gotten much wear.  I bought them when it was sandal season, then they didn't fit while I was pregnant this fall, so I'm finally getting to wear them! These are really similar and a great price too.

Cardigan: Merona same
Shirt: Old Navy similar
Earrings: Nickel and Suede same
Necklace: Stella and Dot 
Leggings: Old Navy same
Shoes: Target similar

Like I said above, this cardigan is one of my favorites!  Here are some other ones I'm loving right now:


1 /2 / 3 / 45 / 6 


  1. I'm loving your buffalo plaid, and I'm glad you are enjoying your time off!

  2. I don't know if this will help or not....but I used to prepare a weeks worth of meals on Sunday afternoons and then when we got home during the week, I could just warm them up, toss a salad and nuke a side. As I recall it took about 2-3 hrs, but worth it to me.

  3. I never liked the idea of leaving a crock pot cooking all day until I got a programmable one and I love it! I can set it for the time and heat setting and when it's reached that time, it automatically goes to the warm setting. It's been awesome! It may be worth it to check them out! :)

  4. Such a pretty outfit! I'm still working on the whole sleeping through the night thing... ugh. Some day!

  5. These pictures actually look really good! I love the buffalo and leopard mix.
    I'm with you on the sleeping thru the night. There's no way I'll be able to function going back to work like this. I did read that breastfed babies never sleep thru the night. I wonder if that's true.
    And you need a crockpot with a timer! I can set mine to so many hours and then it cuts off to keep warm!

  6. You sound like such a good mom. :) Love this outfit! You always look awesome!
    Unique Geek

  7. I'm nervous about cooking with just one baby, so I can't imagine having two! At least you look great :)

  8. Do you breastfeed Hannah? I hope you can get her to sleep through all night cause Vivian never did. This outfit is so cozy and cute and nice to see you wear some cute dangly earrings.

  9. I'm all about print mixing and this is perfection!! Man not a mom but I'm sure it flies by!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries