Clothed with Grace: Balance

Monday, February 29, 2016


I recently heard that balance isn't everything in your life being equal, it's the right amount of time being spent where it needs to be.  This really hit me. As I'm preparing to go back to work on Thursday, I find myself wondering how I'll be able to juggle everything. Seriously, I have no idea how I'll do it.  I'm not sure how I'll fit in devotions, as I currently do them during Hannah's morning nap, and as long as she is still waking up at night I don't think it's feasible to get up at 5:30 like I did before. I also don't know how I'll have time for blogging, as it definitely falls low on the priority totem pole. These are really the two things I do for myself, and I'm just not sure how I'll in the whole scheme of balance there is time . My priorities will need to go to getting the kids ready in the morning, being "present at work," getting the kids after school, making dinner, and then spending time together in the evening. 

I feel like we go through waves in our life where what we really want has to go on the back burner. However, I also believe that God makes a way for us to #momlikeaboss, even if it is fueled by a pot a coffee each day, of which I am currently guilty. It occurs to me that I could do my Bible Study while I'm pumping at work, I have that time and I know it could be easily filled with my devotions. I also still have Grant go to his room for quiet time on the weekends while Hannah is taking an afternoon nap. That will give me an hour or so to spend on blogging, if I wish. I do have some outfit pictures in my drafts to still share, so at least for the time being I can simply work on the writing aspect of blogging, which I really like.  When the drafts run out, we'll see how much time I have to take new pictures. 

Life as I know it is changing...again. I love being a mom and I know that right now balance in my life means focusing on my family.

I wore this cozy outfit about a week ago, but plan to wear it when I'm back to work too. Temps are rising though, so I might swap out my boots for my new lace-up flats, which I can't stop wearing. I have another tan cardigan, but it is looking worse for wear, so I was excited to find this cardigan for $8 in stores and this tee for $4. Cozy and feeling put together is a pretty good combination, if you ask me!

Cardigan: Old Navy same
Top: Old Navy similar
Necklace: Lia Sophia similar
Leggings: Old Navy same
Boots: similar


  1. It is always so hard finding a balance, but you will get back into the swing of things and find a schedule that works for you :) Cute outfit!

  2. I honestly can't even imagine how many things you're juggling right now! I think it's perfectly fair to say that you're doing a great job. And you look fabulous! I don't know how you find the time to put yourself together SO nicely all the time!

  3. I do love the outfit combo! It might take a bit to get into a new routine but I'm sure you will find a good balance for you and your family. Just think, only a few more months til summer! ;)

  4. Your style is so pretty! Love the shoes <3

    Edye //