Clothed with Grace: Ask Me Anything

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ask Me Anything

Last year I did an "Ask Me Anything" post, and I thought it would be a good idea to try it again.  Whether fashion, family, faith, teaching, I'd love to have you comment below or email me with your questions and I'll put together a post answering them the best I can. I can't wait to hear from you!

As for today's outfit, these pictures aren't great- it was like five degrees when I wore this about a week ago, but I love the outfit, so I'm posting it anyway. : )  I got this Lou and Grey tunic sweater, similar to this one in white from thredUp recently.  I love the shape and length and am a big fan of Lou and Grey from Loft, but it's rarely on sale, so I don't ever buy it.  What better way then with credits from thredUP! Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase. This vest has been worn like crazy too. Finding one that wasn't super expensive was really hard last year, but this year our dear friends at Target have this one for under $30. Yes, you need it. ; )

Tunic: Lou and Grey similar in white via thredUp (Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase)
Vest: Wet Seal similar (Under $30!)
Necklace: Edith Marie Jewelry c/o
Pants: Mossimo similar
Boots: Marc Fisher similar


  1. Cute vest, love it with the stripes!

  2. What a cute sweater! Love longer sweaters like this too!

  3. You look great Ginny! Love the whole outfit and your blog too! I'm new to your blog and am really enjoying going through all your older posts. Okay, I've got some questions for you. Here goes!

    1. You have a beautiful, natural look. Not overly made up. What is your everyday make up routine?
    2. I love your hair! It looks like it's thick and you have lots of it, am I right? Can you show us what it looks like in the back?
    3. I always have a difficult time with what shoes to wear in the spring. What do you wear once you've stopped wearing your boots, but not quite ready for sandals?
    4. What body shape are you? I think it's helpful to some readers, especially those with your shape. We can get a better idea of how an outfit your wearing may or may not work for us.
    5.I do like that you sometimes include a close up photo in your outfit posts. Would you ever consider also including a full length photo of the back of your outfit? I think it's important to see how an outfit looks both coming and going.


  4. Have you and your husband always gone to church together? How/do you pray/worship together?

    How do you see your new mom of two style changing when you go back to work?

    Thanks for letting us ask you anything!

  5. I loved when you did this last year. Here are my questions?

    How much different is your mom life as a mother or two compared to one?
    Is Hannah very different from Grant as a baby? They say most siblings are opposites as babies.
    Do you plan on going back to work, full time or part time?
    What is a typical day for you now as a mom of two?

    I realize these were all. Motherhood related but hey that is a huge part of my life and my blog. Cannot wait to hear your answers. Ada. :-)

  6. With two kiddos and soon going back to work how does dinner time go? Dinner is crazy at our house. Do you have any go to easy meal ideas?? Thanks! Noelle