Clothed with Grace: Perspective

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I've talked on here about how I'm doing The Armor of God Bible study, and really loving it. I will tell you those, prior to starting it I was feeling like the "problems" I was facing were other peoples' fault and I kind of had a "poor me" attitude. Through doing this study for a few weeks, my attitude and prayer life have changed.  I also found this post about 10 Powerful Verses for Your War Room that are amazing, and I've been working to pray them daily.

A change in attitude is also do to some pretty awful situations I've witnessed. The superintendent of my school district's son committed suicide.  He was only 15, and believe me when I say that no one saw it coming.  I didn't have him in class, but saw him in the hallways and in all the sports and activities he took part in. My "problems" were really anything but a problem. Seriously. I had gotten some perspective. I can't even imagine what that family and those who were truly part of Reid's life are going through right now.

Then, there was a fatal car crash in my hometown killing a couple who had just gotten engaged. A man ran a red light, and two people's lived ended. Again, perspective. 

We can have such a tendency to play "poor me" and be so focused on ourselves.  However, what I thought were problems were really nothing in comparison. I also realized that my desire for control was the real problem, not anything anyone else was doing.  These situations have caused to thank God that I actually have a family, even when they drive me crazy. It's made me thankful for boy noise, baby cries, scattered shoes, and a dirty kitchen. All of these things are proof of a family I love and who loves me. 

I encourage you to take a look at your own "problems" and see if you can think about them differently. I know it has for me. 

As for my outfit, I got this cardigan from Pink Blush and it's is my favorite thing. Seriously. It's sold out, but they have a ton of cute options here. Also, about a week ago I went through my clothes and got rid of a ton of stuff, including about 20 pair of pants and jeans. Now, I am well aware how crazy that is to be able to get rid of that many and still have a few left, but it needed to be done. I had a bunch of dress pants that were not longer in stye, some capris (yes, I still had some in my closet, oops), some khakis (again, yes, some of these left) and a few pair of jeans that just didn't fit well. I was however, excited when I found these jeans. Since I literally hadn't worn any of my pants or jeans for nearly I year I totally forgot about these. They are Banana Republic and I (kind of) remember getting them at Goodwill last year.  They fit perfectly and feel new! Score!

Cardigan: Pink Blush c/o similar
Top: Gap 
Earrings: Nickel and Suede same
Jeans: Banana Republic similar (on sale)
Boots: Miz Mooz same (on sale)


  1. I'm going to have to try one of those cardigans. They look so comfy and stylish. For some reason I've always been anti-non-button cardigans, but here's the thing: I NEVER BUTTON THEM!
    Loved this post about perspective. Similarly sad incidents have happened around here lately that make me thankful for my messy house and the toddler tantrums.

  2. Just curious about your bible study. I looked the book/study up online. Is this something I can order and do on my own OR do I need to be part of a group in order for it to work.....Thanks.

    1. There is a page in the book for you to fill out video notes, but I enter think it's a necessary part of the study. You could definitely do it n your own, as it has five daily studies for each week of the six week book.

    2. thank you so much Ginny !

  3. Pretty sure this cardigan was made for you! It lays on/fits you so well...and I love the colors. :)

  4. My closet is in definite need of a clean out as well! I'm also excited about packing away my maternity clothes in the near future :) I have been super cranky and irritable lately...and although it's hard I keep trying to remind myself that I don't have any "real" problems--my family is healthy and everything has gone well for us with this pregnancy. It's not like it's something that instantly fixes my mood, but it is something I just have to keep working on!

  5. Thank you for sharing. I agree that it is necessary to see what is right in our world and those are terrible losses to help with our perspectives.

  6. As always Ginny, a great message and reminder mixed in with your super cute fashion style. May I say you are looking wonderful! I just ordered a few things from the PinkBlush site- all on clearance- so thanks for making me aware of them.

  7. Great outfit! Love it... and I have missed your blog! So happy to have found it again! <3 -

  8. Great outfit! Love it... and I have missed your blog! So happy to have found it again! <3 -

  9. I think I need this cardigan in my life!

  10. My favorite jeans are goodwill too. They are 7 for All Mankind, and I have yet to find a pair of 7s that don't make me feel like a 10. :)