Clothed with Grace: #LillyForTarget : The Aftermath

Monday, April 20, 2015

#LillyForTarget : The Aftermath

It's been a day since Lilly for Target debuted at Target stores.  I admit, I ended up going to my local Target at 8:00 Sunday morning to check it out. There was a maxi I really wanted and I was curious about the pieces and quality. My Target only had about 10 other ladies waiting, which I guess was good was we only got a limited selection at my store. No sandals, jewelry, or home,  and limited clothing and accessory pieces.

My store only got one of each size, so the maxi I wanted in a medium grabbed up before I got to it. People were friendly and there was so "mob" mentality either.   I did end up getting two scarves and a pair of flip flops. I spent $60, which is definitely more than my usual spend in a shopping trip. I went home, got ready for church, and then began to hear the stories unfold throughout the day.

I heard about the glitches on the website and people working to buy things ahead of time. It literally crashed Target's website and many things were sold out online by 3:00 in the morning-five hours before the actual launch time.

Some stores also had people taking whole racks in every size, without a second thought.

I also scrolled through the #LillyForTarget hashtag on Instagram-which exceed 22,000 pictures in only 24 hours.  My stomach began to turn as I say pictures of people's hauls that clearly exceeded $1000 dollar. Who can afford that? And, if they couldn't wouldn't they be buying the real Lilly Pulitzer? This is one image from Instagram, I'm not tagging because she showed this image yesterday, so excited about her loot only to repost today selling most of it off.

Then the pieces hit ebay and Instagram shops with people asking double or triple the retail prices for pieces. Some more than the cost of a designer Lilly Pulitzer piece would cost.

I began to think about the $60 I'd spend. Did I buy those things because I really loved them, or because I got caught up in the craziness that was the #LillyForTarget launch. I've already worn one scarf and the flip flops, but I'm taking the other scarf back. Mathew 6:19-21 says: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

#LillyForTarget is such a great idea, but as I was talking with friends last night I wondered what went wrong. Having a few pieces is fun, but do we really need them all? What if stores had set limits on what people could buy, allowing more people to actually get their hands on a few pieces at retail prices? What if greed didn't get the best of those who bought only to turnaround a make a quick buck?

I don't write this to offend any of you who caught a case of "buy all the things," I just wanted to share my thoughts with you today. This craze will pass, and a new one will come. It's up to us individually as to how we'll react when it does.


  1. I was completely repulsed by the greed I witnessed yesterday. This debacle should be a lesson for all of us.

  2. Amen! As a thrifter, I could always buy things and resell them for much more than I paid, but then, what would be the point of thrift stores? Same with Lily for Target. It was created so that people who can't afford lily COULD. And those who could are now selling it for much higher prices? So ridiculous!! We saw the same thing with the Zara blanket scarf!

  3. Well said! I agree that people went nuts and it's kind of sad that it's almost to be expected any more. People know the anticipation for these collabs is big and then it's built on by Instagram, Twitter, etc. which just feeds the frenzy. I don't get the sell for a mark up thing either. It's one thing to buy something, not want it and see if someone else does (then maybe have them cover the cost of shipping) but another to mark these up so high just because demand is hot right now. It's good ol' supply and demand but it also shows us what human nature does when left to it's own devices. I definitely spent more than I normally would (especially at Target). I got the things that I was looking for but they are just that, things. I had already made up my mind that if things got too crazy or if I got too caught up in it, I wasn't going to stick around. Thankfully the 20 or so ladies at my store were courteous and everything went smoothly (but quickly!). I think I'll actually use the majority of what I want on vacation which is kind of what I was looking for but it's definitely easy to get distracted by shiny stuff and the fact that "everyone" else has it so I "should" too. That's definitely not our purpose here on this earth. I'm trying to be more mindful of that. Desiring God more than goods.

  4. Well said! As you know I'm a huge Lilly lover and was pumped about this collaboration! But as I saw the frenzy and the greed, it made me reevaluate my "need" for these things. I picked up a few cute pieces I know I'll love, but it reminded me so much that our worth is not in the things of this world.

    Girl Meets Bow

  5. I was so sad because I really wanted the mug set, plate set, and two scarves. I got zero things because they were all sold out by the time I woke up. :(

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. I hate we are out of town and missed it! I would have liked to have seen what our store got in. Maui has a Target. Maybe i'Ll check their store out! Aloha!

  7. It was crazy! I didn't even bother! Somedays I just want to turn off all social media outlets and live without having to witness the craziness:( Unfortunately, with a business that isn't possible. Well said Ginny:) Great verse and wonderful reminder!!!!!


  8. I went to two Targets yesterday and was only able to get a nail file. I got to the first Target at 9am, thinking at least there would be some stuff left over, but there was nothing. Women who had been there were standing around talking how the line was so long and then it was a mad dash and people were just throwing everything they could get their hands on into their cart. I was appalled when I saw the pieces go up on Ebay later that day for sometimes more than triple what Target was selling them for. Ridiculous!! If I could afford $175 for a maxi, then I would have just gone to the real Lilly Pulitzer store like you said. I genuinely liked the patterns and wanted a few items, but now I'm so annoyed with the whole thing. I really hope no one buys anything from those Ebayers. Then they'll probably just return their haul to the store and we'll have our pick in two weeks:) I'm so glad you said something about this! Great post, as always:)

  9. My neighbor and I got in line at 6:30am and were one of the first. We kind of casually walked into the store (okay, speed walked), but then all of a sudden some girl shoved me from behind as she took off running for the clothes. After that I was so anxious--my neighbor went to the back and got a chair for each of us and the coffee cups she wanted, I grabbed the clothes we wanted. I'll admit, I did grab two sizes to try one, but if it didn't fit it went back on the shelves. There were some ladies stealing stuff out of others' carts. Honestly, I was happy to get stuff, but even before we got in my friend and I both said how we would have a nice day no matter what, because we were having a nice time together, and who doesn't love shopping at Target?? I really hope nobody buys from the eBay people, because at those prices you may as well buy real Lilly. At the end of the day, it's just things, and that's not what is important in life.

  10. Wow, that is craziness! I didn't even try and I'm glad I didn't but I have and do get caught up in the frenzy sometimes as well. I wish we could all put this much energy into the stuff that matters. Thanks for sharing this. ~Cynthia

  11. Wow I am not a Lilly Pulitzer fan so I didn't attempt to get out and get anything. I am glad you see your worth in God and not the newest fad or collaboration, great post!
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  12. I'm with you....I just wondered about the greed of it all. And so sad to see people out there just to make a buck. I did love the pink scarf you got though!

  13. I so agree! People were crazy about this stuff and reselling for triple the price is just horrible! They should have set limits on the total amount of items you can buy (like max 10)... I got some things and so glad I did but had to literally wait outside the fitting room for almost half hour for people to drop the unwanted stuff!
    Check out my outfit today - I'm wearing the new LILLY Top

    Happy Medley

  14. I hate that people bought it to resell. I wish Target would limit it somehow... like only 2 of each thing or something. No way does one person need 10 makeup bags!

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